Waterlase Laser Dentistry

At Berkeley Periodontics, we use Waterlase Laser Dentistry to take care of your oral health. Waterlase Laser Dentistry is a minimally invasive procedure to treat many common dental conditions in a gentle way.

Waterlase laser Dentistry provides a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools that offer patients virtually painless gum treatment with exceptional results. Waterlase laser treatment enables dentists to use minimal and sometimes even no drills to perform routine dental procedures.


Waterlase laser Dentistry is very convenient. This technology allows the dentist to complete most of the dental needs in just a single visit. Also, in some cases, Waterlase dentists can even save patients from the hassle of going to a specialist or from scheduling multiple dental visits.


Waterlase laser technology combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Since the laser constantly sprays out water, it keeps tooth hydrated, and prevents heat to give a virtually painless experience!


Waterlase Laser Dentistry is a modern and quicker way to perform gum treatments that can be used with patients of all ages. It’s a safe, and effective treatment that promises patients, no needles, no pain, and no drilling.

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