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Waterlase MD™

At Berkeley Periodontics we use Waterlase Laser Dentistry which gives us the ability to perform the minimally invasive REPAIR Perio procedure—which delivers better patient-reported outcomes than traditional methods.

Waterlase MD™ is a signature technology here at Berkeley Periodontics, offering patients virtually pain-free gum treatment with exceptional results. This advanced laser technology is designed to treat a number of cosmetic and functional periodontal issues without the need for invasive surgery or cutting of the soft tissues. Waterlase MD™ allows you to undergo a number of procedures, including gum disease treatment, laser orthodontics, gum treatment, and cosmetic gum lifting, with little to no discomfort and virtually no recovery time.


Waterlase MD™ is a combination of high-energy laser technology, air, and water. Beams of light are applied directly to the treatment area with a guided handpiece, precisely targeting the affected areas of the gums without harming surrounding tissues. With Waterlase MD™, there is less bleeding, less risk of infection, and much less recovery time required after treatment. In fact, many patients do not experience any downtime at all after treatment with Waterlase MD™.


Waterlase MD™ can be used in patients of all ages. It is a quicker and safer way to perform gum treatment, and best of all – it is virtually painless.

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